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Ms. Cathy’s Experience & Credentials

Ms. Cathy began her swimming career at a young age.  Before becoming a swim instructor, she participated in competitive swimming for over 13 years holding junior Olympic times.  She then taught children age 6 months and older in the Red Cross program and continued to do so for over 25 years.  During this time, Ms. Cathy developed her own teaching style and has been instructing her students in this way for over 20 years throughout central Texas, teaching all ages from 6 months to 95 years.

Ms. Cathy specializes in children with sensory disorders and autism.   

In addition to being a swim instructor, Ms. Cathy has also instructed students in Scuba and Gymnastics and has assisted patients with water rehabilitation (after heart attacks, motor vehicle accidents, etc).
Ms. Cathy was also the owner and operator of Young Gymnastics Sportsplex and Grander Riding, a year-round camp with Gymnastics, Swimming, Art, Horseback Riding, Imagination Theater, Mom’s Morning Out and nature trails (Austin, TX). 

About Ms. Cathy and the Safety-First Survival Swim Program & Private Swim Classes (Group Lessons)

Located in the beautiful Austin hill country, Cathy Vance (Grander), known to her students as “Ms. Cathy,” has been teaching swim lessons in Austin for over 30 years. She teaches a Safety-First Survival Swim Program and swim lessons, which means that any child that can crawl should be able to swim to the side and get out of a pool if they fall in. She specializes in children with sensory disorders and autism and has a way of bonding with and then nurturing children which helps many that have tried other programs without success.

Ms. Cathy firmly believes that teaching your child to swim is just as important as covering an electrical outlet. One of the leading causes of accidental death in children ages 2-10 is drowning. This is why she not only teaches children to swim, but how to enter and exit the pool unassisted.

Ms. Cathy's Swim Trainers (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) will provide parents with the tools to learn the perfect position and leg kick without taking years to learn it.  It's like training wheels for swimming.  If your child forgets the correct position at any time they can put them on and their body position and leg kick is corrected.  The BEST thing is that the swim trainer helps train body position and muscle memory. 

Ms. Cathy's mission is to give FREE one day parent water safety seminars around the United States to teach the simple techniques and give parents the tools to train their children at home (no pool needed) so that accidental drownings don't happen to their children.

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