Over the years I have had countless parents come to me and ask if I can teach their child – who has a sensory disorder or autism – to swim. Many of these parents had already tried several other instructors/programs without success (some for many years), and some had even been told that their childwould never learn to swim. As a result of these teaching experiences I have discovered that this is simply not true. It is far from impossible; it simply requires a different form of teaching.

I have developed a sensory method of teaching – using a soothing tone of voice and touch, among other things – which allows me to teach children with sensory disorders to swim in as few as 5 lessons, the same rate at which I teach every other child. I have used this method in working with many children with sensory disorders and autism over the years. You can read some parent testimonials here (coming soon).

I am passionate about this vision because I have watched the parents of these children go from crying because they see their child struggling, to crying for joy because they could never have imagined their child could swim like any other. And the children themselves transforming from wound up and yelling “I can’t!” and “I don’t want to be here!” to joyfully saying “Please let me stay forever,” and “I love you.” After seeing this whole new world open up – for parents and children – over a dozen times I decided, I want to give this gift to parents and children everywhere. In summary, my reasons for doing this are two-fold:
1. I want to open up this new world to parents and children with sensory disorders or autism.
2. I want to ensure that every child learns to swim so that they are safe around the water.

Contact me at (512) 263-7813 or
The Vision
1. To find a pool in a central location where I could teach children with sensory disorders and autism throughout the fall, winter and spring months. In this way, the children could swim, relax, and have something to do during the colder months so that by summer, they are ready to go to an outdoor pool and swim and play just like everybody else. I would like the space to be warm and inviting, where parents watch from a separate room or by the side of the pool.
2. To form (or find) a grant (or funds) to help pay for the swimming lessons and pool rental. Ideally, some parents would get together to find or create a grant so that even parents without the financial resources could put their children in swimming lessons. This could also be done via fundraising of some sort. Most insurance doesn’t cover care for children with sensory disorders so this is a vital piece to making this
vision a reality.
3. To have a forum or meeting for parents of children with sensory disorders and autism. I don’t know what this would look like but I
think it would be powerful for the parents of these great children to connect and share resources, experiences, etc. This could be organized
around the swimming lessons, fundraising or through some other avenue. Contact me at (512) 263-7813 or

How YOU Can Help!
In order to continue to teach children with sensory disorders year-round, no matter their financial state, I need YOUR HELP. I don’t have the connections, resources or time to make this vision a reality, but it is likely that you or someone you know does! Here are some ways you can help:
1. Think about who you know – and put me into contact with them! Do you know any doctors, presidents or directors of organizations, or other individuals who might feel passionate about this cause? Copy and paste this letter and email it to them, along with a personal message (consider CCing me on the email for a more direct connection –
2. Find (or create) a grant! If grants or grant-writing happens to be your area of expertise then I NEED YOU to help make this happen!
3. Start fundraising! If you think you could inspire individuals and organizations to contribute to this great cause, consider fundraising! If you’d like to join efforts with others, contact me and I can connect you with other people who have expressed an interest in raising money for this cause.
4. Refer a pool! Did you think of the perfect pool when you were reading this? Contact me and I will get in touch with them right away!
5. Did you think of some other way you can help? Or not sure how to help? Call me (512-263-7813)! I’d love to talk with you more about my vision and how we can work together to make it a reality.
Contact me at (512) 263-7813 or

Thanks for reading, and helping to make my vision a reality! Kind regards, Cathy Vance (Grander)


Sensory Disorders or Autism

My name is Cathy Vance (Grander) and I have a vision that every child with sensory disorders or autism can learn to swim, regardless of their financial state. I am writing to you because I need YOUR HELP to make this vision a reality! Feel free to read “My Story” and “The Vision,” or if you already know you’d like to help, skip right to “How YOU Can Help!” 

Contact me at (512) 263-7813 or ms.cathyswim.austin@gmail.com

My Story
I have been teaching swimming lessons for over 30 years. I developed and teach a Safety-First Survival Swim Program for young children, in which any most children who can crawl can learn to swim to the side of a pool and crawl out, in 5 lessons or less. I have a passion for working with children so that they can be safe around the water, as well as enjoy the fun and life-long skill of swimming from a young age.

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My Mission for 2022 is to offer free one day Parent Water Safety Seminar teaching the simple techniques and giving parents the tools to train their children at home (no pool needed) so that these accidental drownings don't happy to their children. 

(Ms. Cathy's Swim Trainers will be made available for purchase.)