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Ms. Cathy firmly believes that teaching your child to swim is just as important as covering an electrical outlet. One of the leading causes of accidental death in children ages 2-10 is drowning.  You can be the most caring parents and still have your child fall in some type of body of water and drown.  Sadly, no parent is exempt from this sort of terrible accident. This is why Ms. Cathy teaches them to swim to the side and climb out.

Why play roulette and attend swim lessons that usually take a year or two of lessons before your child can even save themselves if they accidentally fall in?  Your child can learn to swim in as few as 5 lessons and is then able to save themselves by swimming to the side of the pool and getting out unassisted if they happen to fall in the pool.

The Approach:  Ms. Cathy's swim lesson approach is a face in prone position, 3 second gliding submersion with adding mobility. This gives children the ability to get to the side of the pool and climb out.  Parents should note that all children 11 months and older will be extremely anxious until they bond with the instructor and get comfortable with the prone-glide position.This usually takes 3-4 lessons and by then they are swimming to the side and enjoying themselves. The initial discomfort is well worth it as this is one of the fastest, most effective swim programs for infants and children. Most children will learn to swim in as few as 5 lessons.  Some children may need more than one session due to motor skill development.  Some of these skills can be achieved at home before your swim session begins.  Call Ms. Cathy at 512.263.7813 for skill training information.

To read about other parents’ experiences click here.  For more information contact Ms. Cathytoday!

About Swim Lessons: Program Details                                               

All private swim classes  are in a 1-week segment with 5 lessons at Ms. Cathy's privately owned pool (Monday through Friday). All parents must stay with their child and will be given daily exercises to help enhance their child’s progress. The price for the 1 week (5 days) swim class is $450 per child.  THIS IS A PRIVATE POOL SWIM CLASS.  THESE LESSONS ARE NOT PUBLIC SWIMMING LESSONS.  To view pictures of private swim classes with Ms. Cathy click here.

These are the best swim lessons available to save your child from accidental drowning.

Ms. Cathy's Swim Trainers will provide parents with the tools to learn the perfect position and leg kick without taking years to learn it.  It's like training wheels for swimming.  If your child forgets the correct position at any time they can put them on and their body position and leg kick is corrected.  The BEST thing is that the swim trainer helps train body position and muscle memory.  Ask Ms. Cathy about the availability of these trainers ($75).  (SWIM TRAINERS ARE UNAVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT, WEB SITE WILL BE UPDATED WHEN THEY BECOME AVAILABLE)

Ms. Cathy's mission is to give FREE one day parent water safety seminars around the United States to teach the simple techniques and give parents the tools to train their children at home (no pool needed) so that accidental drownings don't happen to their children.

If you choose to take your child to swimming lessons elsewhere, the classes will be more focused on introducing your child to the pool and helping them be comfortable in a water environment until your child is 3 years old.  It takes an average of two summers before your child can swim unassisted to the side of the pool and get out if they should fall in.  Money spent is usually over $1,100 before children can swim well enough to swim to the sign and get out unassisted if they fall in.

Ms. Cathy teaches private group swim classes beginning at age 2 until the age of 10. If you would like lessons for children younger that the age of 2 or older than 10, please contact her for private swim lessons.

Video  To view video clips of Ms. Cathy’s Private Swim Class, visit her YouTube channel at

You are paying for the time and talent of Ms. Cathy's/Other Instructors Swim Instruction.  You are not paying for access to her swimming pool.  Anyone who takes lessons with Ms. Cathy is considered a personal guest on her property.  Ms. Cathy's swimming pool is for residential use only.  It is not open to the general public for recreational use.

**** If you would like information on privates available by scheduled appointments only, call or text 512.263.7813.  BEFORE REACHING OUT TO MS. CATHY REGARDING PRIVATE LESSONS OR REGISTERING FOR PRIVATE SMALL GROUP CLASSES, please note that you are agreeing to the following terms:  All students both group and private lessons - No refunds or make up lessons will be given. If for some reason you determine you are unable to attend your session, ticket holder may sell their existing ticket on their own.  If you do this, you must update via email to inform us of the new ticket holder (Ms. Cathy Swim Austin is not a part of the ticket resale, aside from receiving an update on the new participant's name and email address so they may be included on the class information sheet). *****

​Ms. Cathy determines when a class is cancelled due to weather.  Students will swim in the rain and if it is thundering or lightning we will get out of the water and assess.  If needed, extra time will be added to remaining swim lessons during your current session.