Swim Cost Comparison

Most other Swim Schools teach the average 3 year old student to swim 5 ft in a minimum of three months.  There are many other swim schools in  Austin and surrounding areas that you can choose from.  I just wanted to give you a brief skills and cost comparison for these schools in relation to mine. (almost all schools in Austin area do not teach children under age 3 to swim unassisted and climb out independently.  it is more of a water exploration class.

  • Nitro Swim School - Age: 3 years and up. Lesson Length: 30 minutes. Cost: 115.75 for five consecutive lessons. Swim Results: Called and was told "every child is different, I cannot give you a number of lessons to guarantee your child will be swimming."  

  • The Austin Swim School - Age: 3 years and up. Lesson Length: 30 minutes. Cost: $104/month for once a week. Swim Results: Called and was told average child takes 20 weeks of lessons and can swim an average of 5 ft after this length of time. 

  • Happy Swimmers - SUSPENDED FOR 2021

  • Emler Swim School - Age: 3 years and up. Lesson Length: 30 minutes. Cost: $380 for 19 weeks. Swim Results: Called and was told average child takes 19 weeks of lessons and can swim an average of 5 ft after this length of time.  

  • Ms. Cathy Swim Austin - Age 2 and up. Lesson Length: 30 minutes. Cost: $400 for 5 lessons.  You and your child will have the tools to learn the perfect position and leg kick without taking years to learn them.  If your child forgets the correct position at anytime.  Ask Ms. Cathy if her custom swim trainers are available for purchase ($75) ** .  The best thing is that the Swim Trainers help train body position and muscle memory.   Swim Results: 90% of all students can swim 15 ft and climb out of pool unassisted after 5 lessons. Most are able to swim 45 ft with little assistance (for breath).  Some children may need more than one session due to motor skill development.

If you choose to take your child to swimming lessons elsewhere, the classes will be more focused on introducing your child to the pool and helping them be comfortable in a water environment until your child is 3 years old.  It takes an average of two summers before your child can swim unassisted to the side of the pool and get out if they should fall in.  Money spent is usually over $1,100 before children can swim well enough to swim to the side and get out unassisted if they fall in.  In summary, many parents have told me they have already spent $1,100 with other programs before they came to me for lessons. They could have saved a tremendous amount of money if they would have just come to me first.

Drowning is the #1 cause for accidental death in children ages 2-10.  Why play roulette, spending years of time and energy on lessons that take a year or two to achieve these life saving skills if your child was to accidentally fall into a body of water.  

Most children can learn to swim in as few as 5 lessons and are then able to save themselves by swimming to the side of the pool and climbing out unassisted if they do happen to fall in.